Two months on the road

TUESDAY (Martes), May 31

It doesn’t seem possible that we’ve been traveling for 2 months!  We’re already a third of the way through our Mexican visa.

We finally resolved the issue with our Telcel Amigo plan.  We have to recharge the SIM with money every 25 days, or sooner.  Why 25 days?  Ask Carlos Slim, the founder of Telcel and one of the richest men in the world.  We also discovered that any unused minutes or data do not roll over to the next 25-day period.

With the phone issue resolved, Chris had her hair cut while I worked on and uploaded photos in an upscale mall in Ajijic, across the lake from the RV park.

Went shopping at Walmart across the street from the Telcel office.  Every Walmart we’ve been to has an hombre, or hombres, in the parking lot who will wash your vehicle for a fee. We paid M$100/$5.88 for the hombre to wash the truck and camper.

Stopped at a restaurant on the way back for lunch.  When we walked in we couldn’t help but notice the place with filled with norte americano senior citizens.  We thought we’d walked into an old age home.  As it turns out they were all playing bridge.

The plan of the moment is to take a bus into Guadalajara and stay in a hotel for a few days while we sample the delights of the city.  We can store our camper in the RV Park’s long term storage lot (M$50/$3) per day.  Stay tuned.

On the way back to the park we stopped at a cactus vivero (nursery) to have a look.

The two large succulents are house plants in America.  The one on the left was at least 15′ tall.
The seed pods were 6″ long.

4 thoughts on “Two months on the road”

    1. Our current location is always at the top of the page above the latest post. it’s a “sticky” post titled “Where are Chris & Dave?” Please let me know if you’re not seeing it.


  1. Well, your hotel comment….answered my previous question about how it’s like camping for two months!!!!!
    It will feel good to get real showers, and a large bed! And space around you!
    Looking forward to hearing about your stay!


    1. Erika,

      We’re staying in a hotel in Guadalajara not as a reaction to living to living in the camper for two months, but because we don’t want to drive it into the city. Though I’m not complaining about the extra room.



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