Roca Azul

SATURDAY (Sabado), May 28

Visited the mountain town of Mazamitla.  It seemed to be more of a tourist trap than Tapalpa.

Had lunch at Salon Mazamitla.  2 mini pozoles, 2 sopes, 2 burritos, 2 agua jamaicas (cold hibiscus tea) – M$130/$7.65. 

We bought 2 pitayas for M$10/$.60 on the way out of town.  The old hombre selling them from the back of his truck gave us a sample to taste.

Tried to get into an RV park listed in our Mexico camping guide.  Gate was locked, the info box was empty.  Telephone number went to voice mail.  We could have camped overnight behind the nearby Pemex station, but decided to drive on to Lago de Chapala.

Checked into Roca Azul RV Park (M$250/night) on the western shore of Lago de Chapala – Mexico’s largest source of fresh water. Wifi was very slow until I set up my WiJacker for the first time in Mexico.  Internet is not blazing, but at least it’s usable.

Lake Chapala is a favorite retirement spot for Americans and Canadians.  The climate  is said to be nearly ideal.

We have several things to do: get the issue with our Telcel Amigo plan resolved, get our teeth cleaned, Chris needs a haircut, and a few other miscellaneous things.  We may be here for a week – or more.

I had my first hamberquesa (hamburger) today.  They’re a bit…different.  First there’s the hamburger patty. It is thin and cannot be cooked to order. Then a thin slice of ham, another of some kind of yellow cheese, shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes.  Not bad.

Bird of the day: Golden-fronted Woodpecker (Life Bird). Also saw Bewick’s Wren (Trip Bird).  Also saw our old friend from from Loreto – the Vermillion Flycatcher.

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  1. You are getting to many places that tourists normally don’t see. Some of these places have been quite beautiful!! I’m enjoying visiting Mexico through your eyes. TWO months! It doesn’t seem that long to me.
    How is it feeling camping that long?


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