Welcome to mainland Mexico

THURSDAY (Jueves), May 19

The San Jorge departed Pichilinque at about 5:30pm.  It docked in Mazatlan at about 8:15am.  I slept most of the time.

We stopped for lunch at a mariscos (seafood) restaurant on a beach.  While waiting for the food to arrive we went into planning mode for Mazatlan and points south.  I found a company, Onca Explorations, that does a birding tour in the Sierra Madre mountains. I booked the tour.

We checked into “Trailer Park Las Jaibas” which translates to “Trailer Park The Crabs.” It’s miles from downtown out near the playas (beaches) in mega resort and time share condo land.

The owner pulled a fast one on us.  When we drove into the park the caretaker called him and relayed a price of M$150 per night for 2 nights.  When the owner showed up to collect, the price was M$400 for one night.

The park has an alberca (swimming pool), but the water is over-chlorinated and bathwater warm.