Adios, Baja California Sur

WEDNESDAY (Miercoles), May 18

The heat wave of the last few days lifted.  Daytime temp in the mid-70’s.  Sleeping was much more comfortable.

Prior to leaving La Paz I tried to find a Scopolamine patch for seasickness.  Couldn’t find it so I resorted to Dramamine.  Ultimately I probably didn’t need it because the sea was calm.

Our second experience at the port uncovered one of the disadvantages of booking with the small TCM line instead of Baja Ferries: nobody who works for TCM speaks a word of English.  They’re not accustomed to interacting with tourists.  They seem to assume you know what to do and where to go because their usual passengers, truckers, all do.

Getting on to the ferry was interesting.  The ferry has 2 decks.  The top deck, where we ended up, is accessed by driving, in reverse, up a long and narrow ramp.  Once on the deck we had to maneuver, again in reverse, into the last spot in a long row of trucks.  The hombres who load the ferry are very precise about where the vehicles are parked.

We checked out the facilities on the ferry then went back to our camper, raised the roof and spent the voyage in familiar surroundings.