TUESDAY (Martes), May 17

We boondocked last night at a parking lot next to a beach where Mexicans come to party.  Nobody bothered us.

San Jose del Cabo is an over-developed collection of mega hotel resorts (“The Grand Mayan”) and condo-mania.  The place where we boondocked,  was at the far end of the city where the fisherman dock their boats.

On our way back to La Paz to buy our ferry tickets we stopped in Miraflores to eat breakfast as Los Agaves restaurant.  We stopped there on the way down to San Jose del Cabo and really enjoyed the food and the owner/cook who spoke some English. He gave us information about the area. His eggs were la mejor (the best) because they come from his rancho. As we were getting ready to leave he picked a ripe papaya off a tree and gave it to us.

Buying the ferry tickets was an adventure in itself.  To begin with, there are two ferry companies, Baja Ferries (BF) and TCM.  BF is a standard car ferry operation.  They have a monopoly on passenger ferry service.  TCM hauls trucks.  TCM is also a heckuva lot cheaper than BF.  Another reason we chose TCM over BF is that we can sleep in the camper during the overnight passage – something BF forbids.

The first obstacle was how to get into the port to find the TCM office.  Once we found the proper entrada and parked, a guard directed us to the ferry terminal.  But the TCM ticket office was closed.  We asked another guard when the office would open.  She pointed to a small building across the parking lot – the main TCM officina.

Once at the officina the TCM agent couldn’t figure out what to charge us for the passage.  Prices are determined by type of truck. Eventually a woman who looked like she was the manager got a tape measure and walked to where we were parked and measured the length of our truck camper.  We paid the second lowest price plus a fee for a second person – all told about $417.  Our ferry departs tomorrow at 4pm.

Taken on the way to the ferry terminal: