A 3-hour tour

SUNDAY, May 15

We discovered that we can run our refrigerator with our solar-charged battery during the day – from about mid-day to late afternoon. Doing so lessens our dependence on “gas” (propane).

Chris took a snorkeling tour (“a 3-hour tour”) in the morning.  Her report will appear in a future post.

While Chris snorkeling I hiked a sendero (trail) to bird.  Saw and heard a beautiful Northern Cardinal.  In about half an hour I was drenched in sweat – very hot and humid. Retired to the El Caballo Restaurante’s shady palapa to drink icy lemonada naturals.

I picked up Chris and we headed out of the sauna bath known as Cabo Pulmo.  The destination was Rancho Sol de Mayo.  The route is west toward the Sierra de la Laguna mountains.  The attraction is a cascada (waterfall) with a pool at the base that is good for swimming.

As we headed west away from the coast the temperature kept increasing until it reached 104 degrees.  But it’s a dry heat.  At bed time the temperature inside the camper was 90 degrees.  We’re wondered if passing on the air conditioner was a smart decision.

Photos of the cascada in tomorrow’s post.

Bird of the day: Northern Cardinal


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