Adios, La Paz

FRIDAY, May 13

We finished the first week of our spanish class and decided not to stay for a second week.

We’re heading south tomorrow. We’re doing chores to get ready for the road.  Our laundry is at the llavaderia. 

I refilled a prescription for the first time in Mexico.  The listed price was over M$1,800, about $105 – muy caro (very expensive).  The out the door price was M$700, about $41. No explanation was given for the discrepancy in the price.

Filtering tap water.

The camper’s water tank was low.  Our campsite has a faucet, but we were advised not to drink from it.  So we used our new 3-stage water filter for the first time.  The faucet had just enough pressure to push through the filter.


I had the truck’s oil changed at the Ford dealership.  The price was the same as where I used to have it done at an independent shop in Pacifica, AND they rotated the tires AND thoroughly cleaned the engine compartment.

We had a major disappointment yesterday.  We went to a well-reviewed costillas restaurante (BBQ ribs) but they were out of ribs!

Daytime temps are now routinely in the 90’s with low humidity (<30%).  Sitting in the shade with a breeze off the bay makes it comfortable.  But being out in the sun in the afternoons at this latitude is like being under a broiler – something we Pacificanos are not used to.

Yesterday evening the dueño (owner) of the RV park told us there would be no water in La Paz for 4 days.  She was upset because Ernesto, her employee, didn’t let her know about it for almost a day.  I found a story online in the local paper about the water shutdown.  The entire city will not be without water, just certain colonias (neighborhoods) in the southern part of the city. The water pipeline to the city is being upgraded.

La Paz photos:

Todos Santos photos:

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    1. Kay,

      At the moment, the answer is no. Our plan is to stay in Mexico a full six months. There’s so much here that we want to see, and we don’t want to be in Central America during the rainy season. It would be great to spend time with you in Guatemala, but at present it’s not in the cards.



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