La Paz, cont


In the morning we met with Andrea an administrator of Se Habla…La Paz, a language school.  We have been planning to take a month long spanish immersion course in Guatemala, but we’ve become frustrated that we can’t converse with the people we are meeting.  (“Restaurant spanish” only gets you so far.) We feel like visitors from another planet who are able to assume the corporeal form of humans, but can’t communicate with them. We will start a one week course next Monday.  If all goes well during the first week we’ll stay for a second week.

This evening’s sunset was hands down the best sunset that we’ve seen in Mexico to date (see pics).

Just discovered that we can watch Netflix on the Macbook with a VPN.

We’ve seen 6 or 7 pop-up truck campers on the road since we left Pacifica on 4/1. In the nearly empty park there are now 2 other pop-up truck campers.

Bonus photo for VIP subscribers:

Sierra de la Laguna Mountains

2 thoughts on “La Paz, cont”

  1. If you are going to keep sending pictures such as these, I will have to find my thesaurus to find words in addition to beautiful and gorgeous!!!!
    I love the idea that you are having the freedom of movement to just decide to stay there a week or more and take a Spanish class… How motivating that is!!!!!!
    I went to a three week class in Cuernavaca..south of Mexico City…one summer just before I retired..(OMG…is that 21 years ago? I was with Priscilla Day and Monica Kirkland…Chris do you know them? We stayed with a “mother”..who actually was younger than we were!!!)
    For some of us it’s not easy to learn another language…If they insist on oral/aural…only ..ask to see the words in print. I can only learn by seeing it!! As an ESL teacher here, I will be interested in hearing how they are teaching and how the learning is going.. I’m so excited for you!!!! (I have Google Translate on my computer bar above…for my German Stork place…I can go right there when you start sending emails in Spanish!!!!)


    1. Erika,

      Thanks for the note. We will let you know how the class goes, and who gets the higher grade.



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