La Paz, Day 2

WEDNESDAY, May 4 (Our 39th wedding anniversary!)

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We moved to the Aquamarina RV Park in La Paz.  As usual it’s nearly deserted.  The park is owned by a tiny 83-year-old Mexican woman who has lived an interesting life.  She was the first Mexican woman to hold a ship captain license.  She and her American husband (graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy, ’44) operated a small fleet of boats that took divers out for a week at a time to dive spots at the nearby islands. They did this for a mere 34 years. When her husband died 4 years ago they had been married for 55 years.

The weather has warmed up.  Daytime temperatures are in the low ‘90’s.  But it’s pleasant in the shade of our camper with a nice breeze off the bay.

Our 600W power inverter gave us a scare today. (A power inverter converts DC power from the camper’s battery to AC (household) power. The battery is charged by our solar panels.) I plugged my electric hair trimmer into the inverter. Nothing happened when I turned it on.  Looked at the inverter and nothing seemed amiss until I noticed that other things that should be on weren’t.  Chris finally noticed the almost invisible reset switch on the inverter’s front panel.  Apparently the trimmer’s motor was too much for the inverter.  Lesson learned.

Jacques Cousteau statue on the malecón.

We took a taxi to the malecón.  It is showing its age.  While trying to stay in the shade as much as possible we explored the waterfront and visited the unimpressive cathedral. We ate lunch at the Tailhunter Restaurant which seems to be popular with Americano tourists. Recommended.