The historic center of Loreto is quite nice.  We lunched at Orlando’s Restaurant.  It was recommended by the woman who runs Riviera del Mar – the RV park we checked into.  The clientele was  100% American. Good food – and margaritas – nonetheless.

After lunch we walked back to the RV park via the malecón. The government must have put millions of pesos into upgrading the ocean-front drive.

2 thoughts on “Loreto”

  1. I looked up Loreto and found it on the map…It looks like a very nice city/town? Your pictures are lovely!!! Am I sending you too much email? I’m enjoying taking this trip with you (much more than I thought I would…thought I would drop out sooner. but every day I look forward to your post. )
    Tomorrow is the AAUW pot luck…so will be doing that. When, Where and How will you cross over? You are not driving back up are you? Erika



    1. Erika,

      No, you are not sending too much email. We’re glad you’re enjoying the blog. We plan to take a ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan. At this point in time we’re not sure if we want to continue to Cabo.



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