Mulegé (Moo-lah-hay’)


The plan was to drive from San Ignacio to the Sierra de San Francisco cave paintings, said to equal those in France and Spain.  The secondary road from Mex Hwy 1 was great until 10 km from our destination when it turned into a goat track.

(On the way out of San Ignacio we were stopped at a military checkpoint.  A kid soldier “searched” the camper.  While doing so he asks me for batteries for his flashlight – security theater, Mexican division.)

Turned around and headed for Santa Rosalia based on a  recommendation in the guidebook.  Sorry, but we didn’t see the appeal.  A busy, run down copper mining town.

On to Mulegé.  Checked into the Cuesta Real Hotel’s RV park – M$100/night plus M$50 to do laundry.  The sign on the road indicates the hotel has a restaurant.  Nope.  Ask for a recommendation.  Unintelligible.  Flip a coin and drive south looking for a restaurant.  Find the Hotel Serendida which has an excellent restaurant next to the alberca (pool). We’re the only guests.  The weather is perfect, the margaritas are good and the fish (yellowtail) is excellent. Who could ask for more?



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  1. Went to Mexican dinner tonight and altho I rarely have them…had a strawberry margarita with thoughts of you… It was wonderful…and now all I want to do is finish my email and go to bed!!!!! LOL Happy Travels!!! Erika


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