San Ignacio

TUESDAY, April 26

Breakfast at the restaurante then an hour or so of birding off the patio.  The tide was out, the estero was mostly mud flats.  Chris spotted Yellow-crowned Night-Herons in the mangroves across the channel.  Then, just to show off, she spotted American Oystercatchers on the mud flats.  I knew there was a reason I brought her along on the trip.

With the tide out and no way to float around the mangroves we decided to leave Campo Rene and the Estero El Coyote (so named because coyotes raid the mangroves at low tide) and head to San Ignacio, the jumping off point for trips to the cave paintings.

San Ignacio was the first town in Baja we’ve been to with a central plaza.  It has a church that attests to the town’s poverty.

And in other news: We have triumphed over the evil colossus known as AT&T.  The phone in unlocked.  We will have a telephone number any day now.

Bird of the day: Yellow-crowned Night-Heron at Estero El Coyote (probably a lifer).  Saw a Cactus Wren in a date palm plantation in San Ignacio.