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I need help! -Posado Don Diego Restaurante.

We’re back in Mexico – at the Posada Don Diego RV Park in Vincente Guerrero ($18/night).  We’re about another day’s driving from where we started.  We feel like we’re on a treadmill from which we can’t get off.

As you may know, the reason we had to return to the camper dealer in Roseville was because one of the camper’s front corners wouldn’t go up.  We thought it was due to the combined weight of the roof and all the things attached to it.  We were wrong.  The problem was traced to a faulty switch, no bigger than a postage stamp.  A 1500-mile round trip was caused by a piece of metal no longer than 1” x .25” that had to be bent about an eighth of an inch to correct the fault. Boys and girls, can you spell P-I-S-S-E-D O-F-F?

The credit for the discovery of the problem goes entirely to Jason Adams, owner of SCATT Recreation in Roseville, and his techs Harvey and Patrick.  If not for them our trip would in all likelihood have ground to a screeching halt.

On the drive back to Roseville we took I5 through LA.  Big mistake.  I5 is undergoing construction for miles.  The number of lanes is reduced.  Over-caffeinated LA drivers keep changing lanes to gain an advantage of a few yards.  On the way back to Mexico I devised a devious plan: we pulled into a rest stop on the Grapevine at about 8pm and slept until 1am.  The drive though LA at 2 am via the San Diego Freeway detour was smooth as silk.

A recycled neon sign in the shopping center in Lemon Grove.

A bonus to the plan was that we avoided the San Diego commute traffic.  We stopped at a shopping center parking lot in Lemon Grove, east of San Diego, at 5 am and got a few hours of sleep.

At the Tecate border crossing we ran into a real character in the Mexican immigracion office.  He asked us if we wanted to buy bottles of hot sauce that he conveniently had with him.  We took the hint and bought one for $2 – passports stamped with gusto.

We stopped in Ensenada to have the accumulated mud washed off the truck and camper.  While the truck was being washed I asked for the banos.  It’s behind you I was told.  So I turn around, watching where I’m stepping, and run into a strand of rusty barbed wire with my forehead.  Who strings barbed wire at eye level?

Our battle with AT&T continues.  Suffice it to say, they’re winning. Napoleon said don’t accuse malfeasance when incompetence will do.  The trouble with AT&T is that there is no way to distinguish between the two.

Adios for now.

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