Well that was an…adventure?

Saturday, April 9

The 100km road up to the park had some of the steepest stretches that I’ve ever driven on.  The foothills are blanketed with a yellow-flowering shrub and more cactus varieties than I’ve ever seen outside of a botanical garden.

Our campground in Parque Nacional Sierra de San Pedro Martír, El Aquila (The Eagle) is at 2,500 mts/8,200′.  If I was dropped here blindfolded I’d swear that I was in the  Yosemite’s back country when the blindfold came off.

Before we left San Quintin I checked the weather forecast – rain on Sunday.  At the park’s reception desk I asked if there would be snow.  “Posible” was the answer.  By 6pm the clouds we saw advancing up the valleys had made it La Corona.

The first thing we did after checking in was to set out to see the California Condor.  The hombre at the reception desk gave us a map and pointed to the area marked “Vallecitos.”  The map, unfortunately, was not to scale.  We walked for an eternity until we realized that Vallecitos was not a specific place reached by a trail but the huge meadow (think Tuolumne) that was traversed by the road we were walking on.  Bottom line: 0 condors.

Dinner was minced chicken that we bought at the Calimax in San Quintin.  Chris doctored it with BBQ sauce we brought from home.  With some cheese and wrapped in tasty tortillas we bought in Punta Banda it wasn’t all that bad.  Dessert was a fresh pineapple.

A coyote is hanging around, presumable waiting for snacks.

Bird of the day was Eastern Bluebird.  Also saw Red-tailed Hawk and Dark-eyed Junco.

Sunday, April 10

Woke to an inch of snow and frozen slush on the ground and on the camper’s roof!  Temp was -1C.  After getting the snow off the roof I walked over to the recepcion building and asked for a weather forecast.  “Nieve manana,” I was told.  More snow tomorrow.  We’ve got enough food and water to last for a few days.  We’re camper-bound.

Monday, April 11

Snow still on the ground (temp:-5C) in the campground but, surprisingly, the road is clear with the exception of some ice in shady spots under trees.  Chris and I agree to leave sometime after 12pm to give the ice time to melt.

Around 10am I go outside and see that the sky is rapidly clouding up.  We make a hasty retreat and bid adios to Parque Nacional Sierra Sierra San Pedro Martír.

Bird of the day: Roadrunner

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