Sea of mud

Rained overnight. The dirt road from the RV park to the highway was slopopy and slippery. Had to remember to turn the wheel in the direction the rear end was slipping.

The lateral roads off the highway are either totally unpaved or paved for a few blocks.  There are no sidewalks so everything turns into mud.  At a red light I watched a school girl in an immaculate uniform gingerly cross a muddy side road in a futile attempt at keeping her polished shoes clean.

We did some grocery shopping at a Calimax (seems to be the Mexican Safeway) in preparation for a journey to Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Martír.  We hope to see California Condors.  The park is one of 6 places in the world where condors are released into the wild. To get there we have to backtrack 60 km north and then drive 100 km to the park.  Fortunately the road is paved – or so says Lonely Planet.

Found breakfast at a place a few doors away from the Calimax.  Full breakfast for two: $14.

I changed the truck’s distance display from miles to kilometers today.  (When in Rome…) We’re also now keeping track of gas mileage in liters/km.  Gas is more expensive here than in CA, about $4/gal or $13.16 (pesos)/lt.

Spent the rest of the day chilling at the camper.  Did a little birding in the area – nothing special seen.