The word for dump in Spanish is volcado.

Took a shower at the campground then toured the excellent museum on the hotel grounds.  We had the truck and camper washed just outside the gate of the hotel.

Our destination today was La Bufadora – a blow hole south of Ensenada. Opinions vary on the touristic appeal of La Bufadora.  Some reviewers praise it while others call it an over-hyped waste of time.  Well it’s free so why not?  The relative appeal has to do largely with the state of the tide.  If the tide’s in there will be activity.  If not, it’s a dud.

The tide was in when we visited, and La Bufadora put on a show.  Pictures below.

We’re waiting around until tomorrow for AT&T to unlock Chris’ iPhone.  Once that happens and we buy a Telcel SIM card we’re heading for a national park a couple of hours south where, if we get lucky, we’ll see California Condors.

At the moment we’re the only camper in the La Jolla Beach Camp in Punta Banda.  We’re parked at the edge of the beach.  A beach which stretches for miles in an arc.  It has an interesting feature – at one spot on the beach hot water and steam come up through the sand.

The campground management apparently feels the agua caliente is enough to attract customers because the place is a dump/volcado.  There’s trash everywhere in the camping area.  And, horrors, there’s no wifi.

2 thoughts on “The word for dump in Spanish is volcado.”

  1. On one of our cruises, we took the bus trip to La Bufadoro… it became a joke with us, because my stupid husband ate tacos from the stands leading into the attraction… all night he was bufadoring….and missed the lobster dinner!!! On another trip…camping out of our station wagon…we stayed on the beach. I seem to remember a half built casino…any sign of it?


    1. I don’t know about a casino near La Bufadora, but there is a casino “Caliente” on the southern outskirts of Ensenada.


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