Lluvia on Jueves

What a dreary day. The rain is light but steady.  We made a hasty retreat from the volcado to the nearest Subway franchise to use their wifi.

We’ve been trying to get Chris’ iPhone unlocked by AT&T since the 4th.  We keep being told different things by different agents.  Today we were told the phone would be unlocked on the 14th, once AT&T issues the final bill and we pay the early termination fee of $155.  Why can’t we pay the fee now online?  Because.

The drive from Punta Banda to San Quintin on Mex 1 was interesting, and not what we were expecting to see in Baja.  This corner of Baja looks more like Salinas.  There’s a lot of agriculture.  Mostly vegetable crops carpet the valley floors which are surrounded by rolling hills.  Huge greenhouses cover miles of ground.  We didn’t see the ocean until we got to San Quintin.

The highway is in mostly good condition, better than a lot of roads in California.  The traffic lanes are narrower and there are no shoulders along a lot of the route. Lots of trucks with drivers that are, shell we say, aggressive.

A burro in the property next door is making his/her displeasure known.