Ruta del Vino

Bit of confusion at the border crossing.  One of the inspectors tells me our camper needs to be listed on the temporary import permit (TIP).  The clerk at the banjercito – the department that issues TIP’s – tells me the truck and and camper are considered one vehicle.  A $400 deposit and we’re legal to drive in Mexico.
We drove Route 3 from Tecate to Ensenada instead of the faster toll road.  Route 3 traverses the Guadaloupe Valley aka Ruta del Vino.  It’s the Mexican version of Napa.
Ensenada is about 70 miles from Tecate.  We chose to stay at the Estero Beach Hotel & RV Park.  When we asked for the daily rate we were told $60.  A few minutes later, with no coaxing from us, the rate was lowered to $45.  Our site is right on the beach with a view of the bay and mountains.
Chris would like to tell all of her CPA colleagues laboring away that she’s sitting in a beach-side restaurant sipping Margaritas.
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  1. Hey there. Love the travel notes! I look forward to it every day. Please tell Chris that I received her email, since cell phone texting is gone, but when I replied it bounced back. So keep sending, I’m here and listening. Love you guys, Kelly


    1. Kelly,

      Thanks for the comment. Chris will have a new phone number in a couple of days. You should be able to text then.



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