Our first overnight trip

Chris at Castle Crags State Park.
Chris at Castle Crags State Park.

We’re at AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon having some work done to the camper’s electrical system and solar panels.

Our rig compared to a bus-sized RV.
Our rig compared to a bus-sized RV.and solar panels.

An iPhone can be plugged into both 110v and 220v outlets. The camper is monogamous with 110v.  This will create a problem in countries that use 220v power.  AM Solar is installing an additional power converter that will eliminate the problem.

We’re also getting a battery monitor installed.  A battery monitor gives us a detailed picture of the battery’s state of charge, and shows how much power a given “load” draws from the battery. We plan to be living “off the grid” for a week or two at a stretch. Conserving battery power is important.

Finally, we’re getting a “tilt kit” installed on the camper’s solar panels.  Tilting the panels accomplishes a couple of things: water doesn’t pool on the panels, and the panels can “see” more sun in winter and in lower latitudes.